ELR Record Setting Events

ELR shooting is the pinnacle of small arms precision shooting and so it’s natural that record setting is a big part of ELR shooting.  Historically, world records for ‘longest shots’ have not been formally defined.  As of 2017, ELR Central has published a set of guidelines and standards by which official world records can be established.

The following is a list of scheduled events in which ELR world records will be attempted according to the ELR Central criteria.

ELR Central is able to provide certified targets for world record events.  If you or someone you know is interested in hosting or attempting a world record setting event, please contact us for details on providing the standardized targets free of charge.

Worlds Longest Shot Challenge

Date: June 9-11 2017

Location: Valdina Farms, TX

POC: Travis Walla

Email: traviswalla@me.com

Event Webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Worlds-Longest-Shot-Challenge-646715345535539/

Comments: The Worlds Longest Shot Challenge is a highly inclusive event, open to the public and designed to expose the fun and exciting world of ELR to novice and even non-shooters.  This event will include a match, a record setting event, as well as opportunity for spectators to shoot a specialized ELR rifle which is provided by the event.  Contact Travis Walla at: traviswalla@me.com, or visit the facebook event page for more details.